What does my Florida home insurance not cover?

Are you aware of what is and isn’t covered by your Florida home insurance policy? Many people usualy have a general idea of what is and isn’t covered. This type of guesswork isn’t acceptable when it comes to your policy. Why not know the ends and outs of your Florida policy? Lets discuss the basics of coverage. What is not covered by your home insurance in Florida?

So what’s not covered in a policy?

Every home policy is different, that’s for sure. As mentioned above understanding what’s covered and what isn’t is crucial. Here a few perils that according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/, aren’t covered by your policy. By knowing this you will be prepared when you ask yourself: “is this covered?”.

Busted water pipes – I’m sure you know someone who has had some type of plumbing leak inside their home at some point. In fact most policies will cover the water damage done by busted pipes. However when it comes to the cost of replacing or repairing the pipes, that comes out of your pocket.  If the pipes burst due to your negligence, your claim can be denied. This is something you as a homeowner should check regularly.

Dog injuries – All dogs are definitely not equal when it comes to a policy. Did you know that some insurers won’t cover you due to the breed of your dog?

Earthquakes- A standard Florida home insurance policy will not cover you against earthquakes. If you want to be covered, look into purchasing a separate policy.

Flooding- Flooding will not be covered. Floods are always excluding on almost every home policy. Once again if you are looking for coverage for this, you may purchase a separate policy.

Mold – Some companies will cover mold. Usually there is a catch if this peril is covered or not.

Sinkholes- Florida is infamous for sinkholes. However, sinkholes do fall into the same category as earthquakes and aren’t covered by a policy.

Now that you are aware of what isn’t covered by home insurance in Florida it’s smart to determine if you need additional coverage. There is nothing worse than realizing after a disaster that your home isn’t covered. Try to avoid that by purchasing the proper amount of home insurance at https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ along with purchasing any additional policies you may need.

Your home is your most valuable possession in life, make sure you are covered and avoid all financial burden.