Warming Massage Oil
Oil of Love
Oils of Love are Kama Sutra's original all-time
bestsellers! These delicious, silky oils impart a delicate
scent and irresistible warmth. All eight flavors will tempt
kiss after kiss.    Caress a few drops of Oils of Love,
warming massage oil, onto the body, then gently blow
to release their warming powers.

Warming Massage OIl so Intimate...
Strawberries & Champagne
Chocolate Mint
Oil of Love, warming massage oil at CandleLightMessages.  Silky warming massage oils with delicate scent and irresistible warmth; follow with kisses...
The Original
A delicate blend of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon.

Strawberries & Champagne
Plump, ripe strawberries tingling with a taste of sophisticated bubbly

Vanilla Creme
The essence of pure vanilla and smooth, rich cream.

Chocolate Mint
A mingling of sultry dark chocolate and refreshing mint.

Cherry Almond
A blend of succulent cherries and toasted almonds.

Tropical Mango
Melt-in-your-mouth mango for a taste of the tropics.

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Catapult your lovemaking to new heights with this intimate collection that is sure to inspire intimacy.
Warming Massage Oil
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Oils of Love Warming Massage Oils